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A multi axle, is a trailer specifically designed for the transportation of heavy non-divisible loads. In many cases these trailers are made up of several components that can be removed or detached given the weight of the load.

Frost laws, otherwise known as seasonal restrictions on traffic weight limits and speeds on roads subject to thaw weakening, is a method that states and local jurisdictions have at their disposal to protect local roads during the annual spring cycle of freezing and thawing.

We service all lower 48 contagious states. Our most commonly traversed states include Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, and Maryland.

We have operating authority to transport within Ontario. All other provinces are not provided under our service offerings at this time.

At this time the we do not provide service straight thru to Mexico. However, we do handle shipments at the Mexican border via transload.

We do not own any Conestoga trailers at this time.

We do not handle any ocean containers at this time.

What makes us qualified?

We have been handling oversize freight for decades. Thoughout these years we have inherited a wealth of knowledge and resources for all things specialized shipping. On our projects page, you can take a detailed look inside some past projects that we are proud to share. Our experience is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack.

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Pre-Sales Question?

Any questions you may have that cannot be answered on this page can be answered by our operations team. Through our contact page you will be able to easily reach us using your preferred method.

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